Tick Africa’s Best Beaches off your Bucket List


If your holiday philosophy is “too many beaches, too little time” then Africa needs to happen. We’re not just saying that because we’re biased, either. Swarming with the most swoon-worthy coastlines known to man, pay a visit to African paradise and see for yourself.


North Africa: Legzira Beach, Morocco

Morrocco holidays

Morocco is a wild combination of beauty and chaos. Visit Marrakech and be intoxicated by the city’s medina quarter where snake charmers, mehndi tattoo artists, street vendors and musicians collide. Sip a mint tea in a rooftop bar or get away from all the hustle and bustle by heading to Legzira Beach in Agadir.

Boasting 5 fiery red natural rock archways, this beach needs to be seen to be believed. There are thrills in store for the intrepid explorer as you can climb the arches and admire the view from the top. If you’re super adventurous you could even bring your tent and camp out under the stars. Combining a trip to Marrakech and Agadir will give you the best of both worlds: an Africa beach holiday and unique city break.


South Africa: Plettenberg Bay

South Africa: Plettenberg Bay

Surfer enthusiasts will be in their element at Pletternberg Bay in South Africa- waves shoot up to 12-feet high making this the ideal setting to hang ten.

If riding the waves isn’t your thing you could always find Nemo instead by plunging to the ocean floor with the help of a scuba-diving instructor. Explore coral reefs and get up close and personal with starfish, octopus, sea urchins and even (dun, dun, dun) sharks.

For the best experience, avoid travelling during the months of December and January as these are the busiest times and the bay can get super crowded.


Indian Ocean Islands: Seychelles

Indian Ocean Islands: Seychelles

Go where the sand is the colour of coconut meat and the ocean is crystal clear... Visit Seychelles. When you type this country into Google you’ll be greeted with so many postcard perfect pictures it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Imagine a cold November in wet Wales, and then imagine travellers sunbathing in the Seychelles with a mojito in one hand and a book in another. No brainer, right?

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill holiday by any standard so it’s no surprise that many honeymooners choose to spend their first days of wedded bliss here. Whether you’re looking for a romantic time away with a partner or an action-packed adventure with jungle walks, diving and boat activities thrown in, the choice is yours.


Mauritius: Belle Mare

Mauritius: Belle Mare

Stay at the Belle Mare Plage hotel and experience sheer luxury in the most romantic setting. 20 of the resorts villas boast their own private pool, there are two 18-hole golf courses to take advantage of and the beach is a sight for sore eyes. Enveloped by palm trees and swim up bars, heaven is a place on earth.


Madagascar: Sainte-Marie Island

Madagascar: Sainte-Marie Island

Whale-watching opportunities you say? Absolutely. Each year more than 7,000 migrate from Antartica to Madagascar so if you keep your eyes peeled during the summer months you may just spot one.

And let’s not forget the luxury of having virtually the whole beach to yourself. There’ll be no need to rise and shine at 6am to bag a sun lounger, the private Bora Lodge and Spa resort caters for those who like their space.

The area even has its own diving centre which offers experiences for both rookies and experts. Unmissable.


Mozambique: Ibo Island

Mozambique: Ibo Island

This stunning location makes up part of the enchanting Quirimbas islands. The area has a rich history dating back to 600AD when it served as a trading town for gold and ivory. Nowadays the island is much smaller and has a population of around 4,000. Much of the architecture - including numerous forts - still remains and is in use by silversmiths who have set up shop crafting cool jewellery. 

The island is so remote (only accessible by a 30 minute flight or private boat ride) and petite you’ll feel as though you’re on the edge of the world. Stay at the Ibo Island Lodge – the island’s most well-known accommodation – and experience an incredible beach right on your doorstep. Just look at that dreamy ocean.


Have these beaches given you the wanderlust bug? Talk to Africa Travel today to start planning your Africa beach holiday.

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