Introducing Sao Tome & Principe

Introducing Sao Tome & Principe

Our new Africa Travel brochure features a new and exciting country; São Tomé & Principe. This quaint Portuguese speaking community is the second smallest nation in Africa making it a place of understated charm and beauty. Over the past few years São Tomé & Principe has begun to develop its tourism but in a controlled and environmentally friendly way, opening up aspects of this well kept hide away to the discerning traveller. The archipelago provides visitors with stunning views of untouched waterfalls, pristine white beaches, rainforests and extensive coffee and coco plantations.  There is also a plethora of wildlife, and the island is an ideal place to spot whales and turtles as well as an excellent place to enjoy fishing and diving in the extraordinarily clear blue waters. The archipelagos also have many fascinating endemic animals that include the Cobra Bobo, São Tomé Grosbeak and São Tomé Short tail. Places like Obo national Park are perfect for bird viewing – making it a twitchers haven.

Sao-Tome-Principe Sao-Tome-Principe

The locals are extremely friendly and laid back, with the main language of the island is Forro, a type of Portuguese creole language, but most natives understand and can speak European Portuguese. There are about 137, 500 inhabitants on the island which highlights the location’s intimacy, and the lack of influx of tourists makes this is a unique but peaceful place to recover from the busyness of everyday life. São Tomé & Principe has a solid cultural legacy, with a National Museum that details the island’s history from the arrival of the Portuguese in the 15th century to the explosion of country’s sugar, coffee, and cocoa exports. The capital, São Tomé is home to the intriguing São Tomé Market, where you can find exotic food and try some of São Tomé’s local dishes. Try the traditional São Tomé breakfast of Arroz Doce (sweet corn and coconut), or try the delicious chicken with coffee sauce.

For when it comes to some where to stay we recommend Bom Bom Island Resort and Omali Lodge Boutique Hotel. Bom Bom Island Resort is located on Principe and provides guests with an unique resort experience that includes whale watching, turtle watching, yoga, and activities related to exports like São Tomé’s rich chocolate. The Omali Lodge offers an intimate holiday experience that is prefect for honeymoons, and guests can expect to enjoy exclusive private tours of the island, as well as opportunities to dive, fish and snorkel in the clear blue sea.

Bom-Bom-Island-Resort Bom-Bom-Island-Resort

São Tomé & Principe is a charismatic group of islands that exude an atmosphere of harmony and tranquillity. Journey to São Tomé & Principe and discover a glorious hidden part of Africa.

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