North Island, the most exclusive private island

North Island, the most exclusive private island

Arrive by helicopter and spill out on to your front-row view of one of the world’s most ravishing private islands - North Island, or North as the familiar call it. This is the real deal – the archetypal castaway; fantasy powder-white sand, astonishingly deep blue sea, thick rainforest and with only 11 villas, it’s super exclusive. This is why the mega-rich, the tired rock stars and members of the royal family choose to chill out on this granite outcrop in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Food & Activities
There are no rules at North; no mealtimes or even menus, just suggestions - food is discussed with your chef on arrival. Choosing your favourite wines means tipping into their well-stocked cellar and choosing your favourite bottle. Every fishing or snorkelling trip is arranged just for you.  There is no signing for anything at North. This laid-back, hippy approach is for those who are jaded by pomp and ceremony, for those who want to live the idealised island existence, albeit with caviar and the finest champagne.

dining-north-island-seychelles food-north-island-seychelles

Rooms & Villas 
The artful semblance of casualness runs throughout – four-poster beds with pillars made out of aged driftwood, shower curtains created from hundreds of glistening seashells, outdoor showers hidden amongst the rocks made from bamboo - this is top designer ‘haute couture, Robinson Crusoe-style’. A huge amount of thought and creativity has gone in to creating this shabby chic illusion. Villas are vast, with every imaginable whim catered for. Flat screen TVs that appear at the press of a button, fully air-conditioned movie rooms to watch your favourite films and dvd's, custom-made beds and mattresses that would sleep an army of people; it’s all here at North.

Bedroom-north-island-seychelles villa-north-island-seychelles

Eco Projects
North is unique, a one off; it’s a place where ‘barefoot luxury’ tells only half the story, as many of the North Island fan club also get to feel good about themselves whilst staying in this heavenly bolthole. They can enjoy their beluga caviar with the finest Russian vodka knowing that their money is helping to fund a mammoth ecological project, which could in part save several endangered species from extinction. Plants and birds that were once at home on this beautiful island had been gradually ousted by imported flora and fauna, and in fact when Wilderness, who manage the island, took over North it was overrun with pigs and rats, and the island was overgrown with non indigenous plants and vegetation. Birds like magpie robins and black parrots were only seen in very small numbers, and so began, and continues today, the reclaiming, preserving and reintroduction of indigenous animals, birds and plants to this perfect island.

Birds-north-island-seychelles birds-north-island-seychelles

Service & Staff
Service is discreet - you have your own butlers of course, who will subtly glean a mine of information on your likes and dislikes and stock your villa accordingly. It’s all effortless and seamless, and it takes over 150 staff to achieve this utopia state.

All of this comes at a price, a high cost, but very few who choose North balk at the £2000 per person per night price tag, - it’s a small price to pay to stay in a place like North, a small amount to part with for a stay in paradise.  

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