Tanzania's iconic Serengeti National Park covers nearly 6,000 square miles of Northern Tanzania up to the border with Kenya's Masai Mara. The topography of the park is generally flat, characterised by huge open grassland plains where the herds of wildebeest graze during the annual Great Migration. The Migration is what draws most visitors to the Serengeti and offers the chance to see herds of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest grazing and moving through the park as they search for fresh grasses. The fact that this is an annual cycle means that almost the Serengeti serves as a year round safari destination and we can recommend the best camps to see the migration from depending on the time of year that you are visiting. 

Accommodation in the Serengeti is varied, comprising of permanent lodges such as Lemala Kuria Hills and Singita Sasakwa, which offer the very best in luxury accommodation. By their nature, the permanent lodges are best visited when the migration is in that specific area, however, if you visit out of season then there is excellent resident game around such lodges and you do benefit from the areas being much quieter. There are also a number of fixed tented camps, which give a really authentic safari experience without copromising on comfort. Good examples of these would be Serengeti Pioneer Camp or Serengeti Kusini. These camps are very popular with visitors who want an authentic tented safari experience, but without compromising on the excellent food, great service and luxuries that have become associated with modern safaris. There are also a number of semi-permanent "mobile" camps which move 2 or 3 times a year to follow the migration. These are tented camps, but again, there is no compromise on luxury and they offer an excellent chance of seeing the migration no matter what time of year you visit them. Camps such as Olakira and Kimondo are great examples of these mobile camps and very popular with our clients.

Being a natural phenomenon, the pattern of The Great Migration and where the herds will be at a particular time of year is difficult to predict but, broadly speaking, they move along the following lines. January to March they are in the Southern part of the Serengeti before moving North through April and May, although as this is the long rainy season many camps are closed. June and July sees many of the herds split up, with some heading through Seronera region of the Central Serengeti and others heading up through the Western Corridor and Grumeti Reserves. August and September tend to be the most popular months to see the migration in the Northern Serengeti (and also Kenya's Masai Mara) and this is when the iconic river crossings can be seen. October and November sees the herds move through the Eastern part of the reserve before heading back towards the Southern area for December when the cycle starts all over again. Naturally, this is driven by the rains and availability of fresh grasses for the herds, but it is a good overview of where they will be at a given time.


Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants, Wildebeest, Zebras, Thompson's and Grant's Gazelles, Elands, Topis, Kongonis, Impalas and Buffalo. There is an abundance of bird life in the park with birds of prey, vultures and many grassland, woodland and marsh species. There are over 500 species of bird recorded including the unusual looking secretary birds, martial eagles and ostriches.

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  • The Great Migration is naturally the main highlight of the Serengeti - the location of the herds varies depending on the time of year so please speak to us about when you are planning to go and we can suggest the best camps for you.
  • Ballooning over the Serengeti is a truly magical experience and one we would recommend for all visitors. The early start means you can watch the sun rise over the plains and spot animals from the air before returning to terra firma for a delicious Champagne breakfast.
  • The park offers superb year round game viewing, even at times when the migration isn't around, so do consider it out of migration season - the big cat sightings are especially good.
  • The Serengeti region boasts more than 500 bird species, 5 of which are endemic to the region.
  • Spend a few nights in one of the mobile tented camps that follow the migration route for a true wilderness experience.


  • June and July: The rains break and the plains become a spectacular carpet of green bringing all manner of wildlife and birdlife out to enjoy the lush grasses. Excellent for predator sightings as well. The Migration is moving through the Central and Western sectors of the park.
  • August and September: This is regarded as peak time for the Serengeti as the herds congregate in the North of the park, crossing over into the Masai Mara and back. This is the best time of year to see the iconic river crossings. Warm days and cool nights are common and it tends to be very dry at this time of year.
  • October to December: Another good time of year for safari although there can be some rains in November however this does make the safaris after the rains very good.
  • Singita Grumeti Reserves offers the chance to enjoy horseback safaris on their private concession, a wonderfully different way to enjoy your game viewing and see the Serengeti.
  • For close up cheetah sightings head for a stay at Namiri Plains. This exclusive area has been closed to visitors for 20 years, recently re-opening as one of Africa's premier locations for cheetah sightings.
  • Although they can mean long days, driving safaris (with your own private guide) offer a chance to see the wonderfully varied landscapes of the Serengeti.
  • June is a fantastic time of year to enjoy the Serengeti, especially in the central region around the Moru Kopjes. Try a stay at Lemala Ewanjan Camp, a beautiful place to stay offering one of the best sundowner spots in Africa. 
  • Mwiba Lodge is located in a private concession and is an ideal getaway for watching the wildebeest calving period from November to May

&Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas

Two camps each with nine Bedouin-style tents, closely positioned near each other and in proximity to one of the great migration corridors.Guests can enjoy the wilderness and the abundance of wildlife all from the excitement of living under canvas with the heartbeat of Africa at close proximity. The camps are mobile and move periodically in tandem w...
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Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti

Visiting the Serengeti does not have to be an under canvas experience and at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge one can enjoy the excellent game viewing in the central Seronera area and then return to the luxuries and modern comforts at the lodge.  The lodge caters very will for both couples and families and the first class facilities include a spa...
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Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp

This remote tented camp located in the park’s Western Corridor is a showcase of classic Edwardiana with its antique furniture, Persian rugs and four poster beds.There are 25 spacious luxury tents each with a wide verandah on which one can relax and enjoy the views and birdsong. Dining is in a colonial-style room and there is a ...
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Lamai Serengeti

The northern Serengeti has excellent game viewing, whether you visit during the wildebeest migration from July to October, or at other times of the year when the herds move on and visitors have almost exclusive access to the resident game. Lamai Serengeti has a prime position on a kopje (rocky hill), with amazing views and proximity to a number of ...
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Lemala Kuria Hills

In the northern part of the Serengeti National Park, on a boulder strewn hill with views of rolling grassland and open woodland, lies Lemala Kuria Hills. There are relatively few camps and lodges in this area and it is the place to be when the wildebeest migration passes through between July and October, allowing guests to experience the spect...
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Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp

Located on one of the main annual migration corridors, right in the heart of the park, this camp provides a ringside seat to one of the greatest shows on earth.Sixteen well-spaced luxurious tents are protected by granite towers which are three million years old – guests cannot get any closer to the heart of Africa, while at the same time havi...
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Mwiba Lodge

Nestled among boulders and trees in a private concession to the south of the Serengeti National Park, Mwiba Lodge overlooks a rocky gorge on the Arugusinyai River and the surrounding grassed plains.This sophisticated retreat blends both traditional and modern designs but remains sympathetic to its natural surroundings. The lodge has eight...
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With the famous migrating herds of wildebeest, zebra and antelope traversing a huge range in the Serengeti National Park, how do you give yourself a good chance of finding them? Simple, follow them! From June to November Olakira Camp has a prime site in the pristine wilderness of the northern Serengeti very close to one of the Mara River cross...
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Sanctuary Kusini

Built around a spectacular rocky kopje that overlooks vast endless plains full of game, Kusini is the only permanent camp in the remote southern Serengeti and offers a Serengeti safari experience like no other. The camp is also on the path of the wildebeest migration and makes an  ideal base from which t...
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Serengeti Pioneer Camp

With only twelve 1930’s mobile camp style tents, Serengeti Pioneer Camp is personal, private and ideally situated to experience the annual wildebeest migration. Located in south central Serengeti, with views overlooking Moru Kopjes, Lake Magadi and endless plains this camp’s zero footprint and close proximity to nature combine...
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Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge

The layout and design of Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge takes inspiration from a traditional African village and the culture of the region. With its hillside position the lodge has wonderful panoramic views and access to an area of the Serengeti rich in wildlife.Designed to blend into the landscape, accommodation is in a series of domed, thatched ro...
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Singita Sabora Tented Camp

1920’s charm oozes from every corner of this luxury tented camp.Singita Sabora Tented Camp doesn’t miss a trick when it comes to camping in style. Individual en-suite tents and 350,000 acres of pure wildlife territory spanning across northern Tanzania - you are well and truly spoilt here. Spy on the great wildebeest migration and click ...
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Singita Sasakwa

Occupying a prime location in the Grumeti Game Reserve overlooking the endless plains of the Serengeti, Singita Sasakwa Lodge is a spectacular base for your safari.The theme of the lodge is refined elegance, which is reflected in the décor and furnishings of the turn of the century manor house and cottages, set on the open lawns. Luxury is a...
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Classic Tanzania & Zanzibar

Days: 13 | From: £3,395 per person based on two sharing
Combine beach and bush for the ultimate luxury holiday to Tanzania and Zanzibar. Spend your days in Tanzania wildlife spotting with the knowledge you'll be returning back to sumptuous accommodation. Then make your way over to Zanzibar and mark your spot on the pristine w...
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A Snapshot of Serengeti & Selous

Days: 8 | From: £3,240 per person based on two sharing
Embark on an adventure which takes you on a luxury safari across the Serengeti and Selous. With unique accommodation to call home as well as daily game drives it'll be a safari packed full of excitement. Time it right and our experts can plan your once in a lifetime trip to witness the grea...
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Luxury Tanzanian Flying Safari

Days: 9 | From: £4,625 per person based on 2 people sharing
Tanzania is a stunning segment of this vast continent. And with supreme beauty it needs to be taken in with no time limit. This nine day luxury holiday will allow you to do just that and with game drives and luxury accommodation we know you won't be counting down the days.Brief Overview: 2 night...
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Ultimate Luxury: Tanzania and The Seychelles

Days: 15 | From: £18,125 per person based on two sharing
Unable to decide between spending your holiday taking in the excitement and adventure on an African Safari or indulging in total relaxation on pristine, white sandy beaches and crystalline waters? This 14 day itinerary gives you the very best of both experiences, taking in exciting ga...
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First Time Safari In Tanzania

Days: 10 | From: £4,845 per person based on two people sharing
This itinerary is designed to let first-time visitors experience all the magic of Tanzania. Visiting Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park. You will have the chance to view the full spectrum of wildlife that inhabits this wonderful country. Not only will you hav...
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Ultimate Safari & Gorillas

Days: 10 | From: £9,959 per person based on two people sharing
This 10 day itinerary combines two once in a lifetime experiences; gorilla trekking in Rwanda's Volcano National Park and incredible game viewing in Tanzania's world famous Serengeti National Park.  All of this while staying at some truly luxurious accommodation will ensure that your tr...
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Northern Tanzania Escape

Days: 13 | From: £9,995 per person based on two people sharing
The famous parks of Northern Tanzania – Tarangire, Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti – are justifiably popular but as they can get busy we have designed this itinerary to allow you to experience these areas while staying in more private and secluded camps.  In addition, you h...
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Ultimate Tanzania Experience

Days: 11 | From: £9,850 per person based on two people sharing
Tanzania provides some of the greatest game experiences in Africa and the wildlife here is considered by many to be the best anywhere. Staying in some truly exceptional camps offering unforgettable experiences, this 11 day adventure really is the ultimate Tanzania itinerary.Brief Overview: 1 night A...
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andBeyond Mnemba Island Lodge Discover the delights of beach living at Mnemba Island
AndBeyond Serengeti Under Canvas Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Serengeti
Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp An intimate and unforgettable safari experience awaits
Lamai Serengeti Enjoy the most exquisite views across the Serengeti
Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp Enjoy the thrilling game viewing of the Serengeti
Mwiba Lodge Unique, secluded and wildlife rich!
Olakira Enjoy the wildlife of the Serengeti up close and personal
Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge The perfect base from which to explore the Serengeti
Singita Sabora Tented Camp Set in the heart of the Serengeti
Singita Sasakwa Observe the plains of the Serengeti from high above at Sasakwa
Four Seasons Serengeti The Serengeti Experience
Serengeti Serengeti
Tatler 101 Hotels - Singita Mara River Tented Camp published Monday 2nd December 2013
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