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Why is travel insurance important?

It's crucial that you organise suitable travel insurance prior to your holiday. Apart from anything else, it is essential for your own peace of mind that you and any other members of your travelling party are appropriately covered. Remember, with the correct travel insurance you're covered for medical emergency, holiday cancellation, delays and missing baggage to list but a few, which means you can sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday without having to worry about a thing.

We strongly advise that you have an adequate travel insurance policy in place from time of booking.

You can buy your travel insurance from any company of your choice, so long as your cover is suitably comprehensive. We are not in any way qualified to recommend a particular travel insurance provider. However if after doing appropriate research you decide to organise cover through CityBond SureTravel then you can enjoy a 5% discount on your policy by following this link We are not affiliated with these companies in any way, nor can we take any responsibility for their operations.  

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