Your perfect luxury honeymoon in the Seychelles

Your perfect luxury honeymoon in the Seychelles

There’s a lot of pressure riding on honeymoons, how exactly do you follow up the best day of your life? The Seychelles might be a good place to start! Just off of East Africa lie 115 small islands in the Indian Ocean, together making up the enchanting archipelago that is the Seychelles.

Amidst the glistening turquoise ocean each tiny island holds its own magical elements, acting as sanctuaries for some of the world’s rarest wildlife. Endangered turtle hatchlings, giant tortoises and a plethora of indigenous birds are just a few of the wildlife wonders to be found here. The lush greenery of the islands will captivate you as you wander hand-in-hand and explore the beauty of these eco-utopias. So now you know a little bit about the islands, it’s time to choose the perfect one for you:


Fregate Private Island 

Fregate is a popular choice with visitors and for good reason. It solely proves that even a small island can provide as much fun and adventure as you’d find at a large resort, perhaps even more! Whether it is adventure or relaxation you’re looking for, you can find it all on Fregate Private Island, and as you would hope with any of the Seychelles Islands, privacy is assured. Nature walks are one of the most popular activities at Fregate with their resident conservationists. These inspiring and uplifting walks help explain the role Fregate plays in the protection of indigenous wildlife. You may even make a new friend or two, as you pass the famous giant tortoises that this island is known for. Buggy tours are also available for those looking for an easier way to see the island in its entirety. If its adventure you are looking for then why not join the locals for a fishing trip, or head to the nearby game bank for some deep sea fishing. If you both like water sports this island is perfect for you to go sailing, surfing, or kayaking. This is the perfect place to enjoy some time alone, in these crystal clear seas for some downtime after a hectic wedding.

Make sure to pack your sun lotion, as the white sands on the pristine beaches is perfect for you get some tan in, while enjoying some cold cocktails. Book in some couples spa time at the tranquil Rock Spa. The massage treatments, therapies and yoga sessions are a perfect way to rejuvenate.

Fregate is the perfect place to enjoy some fine dining, in the most romantic settings you could think of. Head to the beach for a night under the stars while enjoying local delicacies, or for a truly private & unique experience dine in the tree tops. There’s no such thing as too much to ask when in Fregate. 

Fregate Island Honeymoon

North Island

North Island is the largest of the 100+ islands in Seychelles. It features 11 impressive villas on its mile & a half stretch, ensuring privacy throughout your stay. Frequented by A-list celebrities, and rumoured to be the honeymoon destination of Prince William and Kate Middleton, North Island’s reputation precedes itself.

Accommodation is eco-friendly (or “haute-couture Robinson Crusoe” according to co-architect, Silvio Rech) with much of the furniture being made of reclaimed wood from fallen trees on the island. However, it’s still modern with glass windows, air conditioning and an electric-powered buggy to make your way from the beach to the bar!

One of the beaches available for private use is even named “Honeymoon Beach”. Secluded in a large curve of the rocks, it’s the perfect location to connect and spend a lazy day in the sun with an idyllic view.

Dining options are limitless, whilst several menus are available, a chat with the chef will help you decide whether you’d like to try one of the North Island favourites. If you’re feeling particularly romantic, you can request a private dinner for two, with a stunning set up on the beach and make a request to the chef to make your loved ones favourite meal. 

North Island Honeymoon

Four Seasons Seychelles

Located on the southwest coast of Seychelles main island Mahé, the well-known Four Seasons has created a secluded heaven. It showcases the best of Seychelles, from its lush hillside & breath-taking views of this stunning island. The Four Seasons makes a welcome change from some of the larger resorts on Mahé. Each villa is nestled into the hillside & gives you total privacy for you and your partner. The generously spacious accommodation comes complete with an infinity pool providing a captivating, luxury view of the horizon and the perfect backdrop for your first few days together as newlyweds.

The Villas sport a dramatic change of décor from the usual minimalist designs, instead opting for colourful, Creole aesthetics, whilst still keeping the natural materials for furnishings, creating a truly inspired look.

Indulge your loved one with a special treat such as a private dinner for two on the beach or by enjoying the sunset together whilst sipping champagne on one of the rooftop terraces. The “Blissful Connection” spa ritual allows couples to become closer as they’re treated to a side by side body scrub, romantic bath, massage and healing chakra session, strengthening your energy and connection with one another.

The luxurious spa will provide plenty of time for two, enjoying relaxing therapies and massages together. The treatments offered are indigenous to Mahé and the Seychelles, using ancient techniques and local herbs and spices.

Whilst being known as a chain brand, Four Seasons have managed to keep their resort extremely authentic, infusing local culture into their cuisine, spa, décor and so much more. 

Four Seasons Seychelles Honeymoon

Another unforgettable option is to take advantage of the Seychelles’ proximity to South Africa and enjoy a “bush and beach” (link to itinerary) honeymoon. With flights from Johannesburg to Mahé, you can spend a romantic few days admiring the majestic animals of Leopard Hills with early morning and afternoon game drives, before jetting off to stay in the magnificent Four Seasons. There are plenty of options for an idyllic safari and beach honeymoon jetting from the Masai Mara to Mahé, to mark the beginning of a truly unforgettable life together.

The Seychelles offer an unrivalled experience of beauty, seldom found in the rest of the world. A honeymoon here promises privacy, intimacy and luxury, and a romantic retreat for two creating memories for a lifetime.

Leopard Hills Honeymoon

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